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Witness Bluejaye's origin and the first vicious appearance of Bulldog! How does Jason Warbler become Bluejaye...and why?  What tragic event affected his life and tore apart his relationship with girlfriend, Jenya Whitney, and his friends, Sam and Deb? Why does Jason hold so much guilt over what happened?   Find out in issue one of Bluejaye!
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The debut of Apex and Oath as they battle Thoom and Atomic! Also guest-starring Bluejaye, Scripture, and Green Zap!  What mysterious artifact are the villains after...and what do they want with it?   Can our heroes discover their plans in time?  If they do, can even their combined might stop them? How does the Khemica Corporation fit into all of this?
​The origin of Radiance revealed!  Who is she under the mask and what traumatic predicament has she endured?  How did she escape it?  Also chronicles Radiance's first tangle with the lady ninja Nightstarr and the electrifying Shockwhip!  
As Jason attempts to come to grips with his newfound powers, the ferocious Bulldog RETURNS!! What does he have up his sleeve for our hero now? Will Bluejaye be able to once again save the day? Find out in issue 2 of Bluejaye!
Apex and Oath's fight with Atomic and Thoom renews as...a humongous dragon-beast rises from the Delaware River?!  Battle rages and new characters debut in this 32-page extravaganza of action galore! 
Who are The Fractured?!  More to come....
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