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About Aspyre Comics
Aspyre Comics are Christian-based, built around GOD and HIS Son Jesus Christ as the core and foundation of the universe.  Though there is a definite Christian element to most of our comics, they are not "overbearing" with the aspect of religion.  The action takes place in a world similar to our own...but with super-powered heroes and villains, creepy aliens, fantastic planets and cities, and TONS of imagination!  We believe you will find our books to be quite different from many others in the market today. Our intent is to create all our comics to be "PG" or "PG-13" oriented with NO explicit material that is unsuitable for the eyes of our children (or ourselves, for that matter).  There is NO cursing, gore, or overly-suggestive scenes. While there is indeed A LOT of action and fight sequences, we have done our best to do them tastefully.  So please, sit back and discover our universe!  We thank you for your interest and support!  May GOD bless you and your families!  Enjoy and as always...
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